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Becoming a Children's Event & Party Planner

How to Start Starting a Children's Childrens Kids Party Planner Planning Business Company

Start-up Kit Guide



Love to be around children?!

Starting a party planning business for kids is a happy idea!


As a children's event planner, you may find a specialization:

  •  tea parties & etiquette classes

  • all-occasion events

  • birthdays

  • baptism receptions

  • bar mitzvahs

  • graduations

  • baby blessing receptions

  • Becoming a Quinceañera Planner!



Do something that you truly enjoy doing for once!   


Starting a children's party and event planning business entails lots of avenues!  You can offer party planning services for a host of event types for children such as tea parties, birthdays, baptism celebrations and more.  Becoming a children's event and party planner is a fun way to spend your time--with children!




Lots to Read--Lots to Learn!

Planning parties and celebrations for children is a top ticket business ideas. As more parents are consumed with their world of work, a children's event planner comes in handy. The parents can relax and enjoy the celebration without the stress and strain.




Like an all-occasion event planner for adult-themed events, you are usually the one organizing events for everyone you know. So, why not turn it into a business.



You love children and love planning events that children can find magic and joy!    You love organizing events of any kind, yet a child's world is special to you.


With children's events, you can get very creative, create a fantasy worlds and develop themes that personalize a child's event. To keep things running smoothly, your business prospect must have a working business plan or roadmap--just as wedding coordinators and social event planners do.


 It may be the time to move this idea from being a "hobby" to a "real business."  It is a lot of fun doing something that you truly like and it brings more joy into your life when you have something positive to look forward to.

You have to get out of your "comfort zone" and try this!



Your start-up requires preparation, hard work and commitment on your part. The 'business end' must be tended to first. Once you have designed your business plan, you can move forward to designing your first children's event!


Remember, it takes effort and is by no means a way to make money the easy way--no such thing.    Your reputation must be built.

...the main goal is: to run it more like a business and less like a
hobby in your spare time!


You must decide at what pace to run your business--part-time, full-time or in stages.


What services do you offer and what specific child events do you coordinate? 

Your strategy: a working plan that you specifically design. This business plan makes you "think strategy." We like to plan and organize events, yet the first thing to organize is your business operations. Sound unexciting? Well, perhaps----yet the business plan conveys your goals and demonstrates how you will start your business in order to operate it on a daily basis.






Kit Contents

Part I: Business Planning & Analysis
Product and Service Determination
Marketing & Promotion
Office Set-up
Market Analysis
Competition level
Management operations
Worksheets fill-in-the-blanks analysis
Wholesale Contacts
Contract Elements
Business Analysis
Resource Breakdown
Service & Product Ideas
Part II: Draft of Business Plan
Sample Business Plan Proposal
(20 pages with charts)
Elements of a business plan
Part III: Ceremony Agenda Planning

Structured Events Guide
Baby Showers
Baby Naming Ceremony
Child Adoption Ceremony
Family Dedication Day Ceremony
Baptism (private home)
Children' Birthday Parties

Part IV: Checklists & Forms
Theme ideas
General Event Planning Worksheets
Silent Auction-fund raising
Coordinating Proms

Special Bonus
BONUS 1:  Powerpoint Presentation: Marketing Your Services
BONUS 2:  Serving Food & Hors d'oeuvres for 100!
BONUS 3:  Having an Online Retail Store Compliment Your Planning Business! ($19.95 value)

Children's Wedding Activity Book - print off pages!


 The kit provides not only direction for the business aspects, yet also the actual event planning checklists, forms and tools to use on a day-to-day basis.

As for education, most planners do not have degrees...just years of experience, the talent and the willingness to be an entrepreneur.


Word of mouth and building your reputation is key to a successful venture. Basic knowledge of the industry is needed and the willingness to learn more has to be present. Once parents see and hear about your wonderful talents, you will be booked up!

Use the start-up kit below to help motivate you in getting your working business plan and explore your direction.  This is you guide and its all layed out for you!







Receive a Certificate of Completion once you complete the self-study requirements section! Specific requirements are listed in kit with a sheet explaining what is to be evaluated.  

Materials worksheets and e-book  is a Self-Paced Home Study Course with Planning Worksheets & Materials.


Self-paced, Home Study Certification Course these are mostly Microsoft Office Word files & forms





  Business Start-Up Kit

                       "Certificate of Course Completion" no extra charge 


This kit includes lots of planner forms, checklist & ideas for different types of Children's Events & Parties!


NOTE:  Files are Emailed to you in Microsoft WORD format so You can modify the forms & worksheets to fit your needs & business; unlike a book or PDF formats, these digital files allow you to revise!





  Do Something You Enjoy!



No PayPal Account is Required





Kit 2:  Multi-Events Planner Business 
 Includes Kit 1, coordinating seminars/workshops, children's events/parties plus more!   the Complete Coordinator's Kit!



Level Up Your Life

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.










Thank you for offering this at a FANTASTIC price! Money is tight right now and when I came across your site, I just knew it was for me. Cindy




Valerie, I just want to say this planner guide is "Awesome." It has so much valuable information in it. I can tell you put your heart and soul into putting this guide together. Thank you for offering this on your Website. This guide is great..........-Deborah B.-(Chicago, Ill)



If you have questions about the packages, please email me at  Let me know if I can help further!   And, do tell me of success stories!

Valerie & Jazz (a Havanese)



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