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Red Cabbage Roses

The "Red Roses Marriage Certificate" was reproduced from this certificate and taking this Original Certificate, I had the Anniversary Certificate reproduced directly from it!
"NO 386 C.R. Gibson & Co. Norwalk , Conn."  
"Made in U.S.A.".    



This Certificate was published in the 1880's, yet was never filled out (photo added)!  It was Copyrighted by David W. Crider, 1882 and published by Crider & Brother, York, Pennsylvania. Bound by florals, doves and scriptures, the Yellow Rose is the centerpiece for this beautiful certificate.  I located this one in Kentucky.

This 1886 Marriage Certificate is an original chromolithograph print used by Mr. Puffer & Mifs. Foul in Illinois on June 30, 1886. No indication of a publisher. Interesting is the way it is similar to the reproduction print on the right hand side that is currently available for fill-in.
1886 Chromolithograph


This 1891 German Lutheran Confirmation Certificate is 111 years old. The date of birth is indicated as April 7, 1877 with confirmation on May 3, 1891. This certificate was published by Lith. Concordia Publishing House M.C. Barthel, Agt. St. Louis, Missouri, copyright 1878. 




This unique Vintage copyright 1885 Religious Marriage Certificate Lithograph Print was issued a 1890 wedding in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Mr. & Mrs. Michener. The pastor was John Neuber of Bethlehem. It is marked Cranston & Stowe Publishing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. with other locations in Chicago, St Louis, and Phillips & Hart NY. The artist indicated was W. Hageuberg
The ink remains and the script writing is beautiful! Time has taken its toll on this document, yet the colors are magnificent and it presents a precious memory of long, long ago. 

The reproduction can be purchased under Oval Photo Certificate. 






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and....Just for Fun---Norman Rockwell's "The Marriage License


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