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Victorian Tea Party Planning Planner

Be sure to use the Worksheet List to plan other aspects of your Event!

  Worksheet List

Most Common Needs for Many Events

Addressing Envelopes
Event Evaluation
Flowers & their Meaning


Reception Set-Up
Rental Needs

Theme Ideas



Starting a Tea Room - Party Business


Tea Parties & Victorian Nostalgia!

Teas can be hosted in the formal fashion, for a special occasion, in the traditional flair, or even be an informal leisure activity. The formal tea is usually set up on a large table with two services at opposite ends of the table. These services contain one for tea and one for coffee. The middle of table is arranged in buffet style to include the dishes, cups, silverware, food items and napkins. This is an excellent time to use your pretty china cups, your silver hollowware items, silver tea service set and other fine hostess items. In formal ways, the hostess or designated friends actually seat themselves at the ends of the table to serve the guests. Some choose the freedom of the self-serve style. Create an atmosphere of relaxation for the guests. Draw the curtains shut and use candles for lighting.
If you are expecting a large group, set up another tray of cups and saucers with other needed items. To add to your “tea trousseau”, you might consider going to antique shops and auctions. You can sometimes find old silver trays, unique teapots, ornate serve wear and other items that I like to call “table toys”. Other treasures to find might include linens, table napkins, china, tongs, butter dishes, sugar bowels and napkin rings. Beautiful bowls and trays add to your special tea celebration. Treasure hunters are sure to find unordinary items that add elegance to your table or tea tray. It also adds to the conversation!

Set up your Tea Tray as follows:
Large Silver or Decorative Tray
Silver Teapot or other
Small plates
Pitcher of Milk
Bowl of sugar lumps with sugar tongs (or bowl of sugar with spoon)
Small saucer with lemon or lime slices with a small fork
Cups & saucers
Teaspoons & Forks
Cake or other food items



It is customary for the bride to host a luncheon or Tea for her bridesmaids. Close friends of the bride’s family may also host a Bridal Tea. This is a special time for the bridesmaids to get acquainted. You might want to include the old tradition of serving (pink) cake for dessert that has a ring, coin, or thimble baked inside. The old story says that the bridesmaids who gets the slice of cake containing the trinket will be the next to marry! Your Tea can include the other traditions and use of fine china. Make this a special time.  
INVITATIONS. Whether the invitation is computer-generated, formal or personal, address the envelop with calligraphy-style hand writing for an elegant touch.

Food Suggestions for a Tea

Finger Sandwiches



Glazed Mint Leaves

Cheese & Crackers

Fresh Fruit


Creamed Seafood

Chicken Salad


Dry Sherry


Russian Tea Cakes

Personalized Initial Cookies

Shortbread Cookies

Bunt Cake

  See Menu & Buffet for more ideas!





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