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Shadow Box design Submitted by Robin R. (Florida)
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Shadowbox design by Valerie (grandmother's things)

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Different designs & sizes with some being embossed.....all-occasion, Easter, Wedding, Christmas, Halloween, flowers, Valentines, Cherubs & Angels. .......may include different designs from what is pictured above as manufacturer packs them according to availability


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By Jody Alise
This story begins with the bond of marriage between to young people on a journey called life. The young couple lived in a very rural community and had a very simple life. They were blessed with children. avorite house to spend her time. The suitcase in this box represents Warnett Marie. Her new home is shared by her husband Brain.

1. The first child was taken upon arrival and placed in heaven just waiting for the couple to join him. The angel in this box represent little Baby Villeneuve.
2. Then along came an entertainer. To cheer up the couple of their lost. This child loves music and people. She use to spend days locked up in her room listening to Percey Sledge and countless others while visiting on the phone with her friends. Today she is performing on Busy Needle and Burnside nightly entertaining her dearly beloved for over 26 years. Still today Donald Lewis is in awe of her performance. The record in this box represents Jean Rae.
3. The second daughter was a rowdy little thing. So out to the field to play she went with the boys. Off chasing the cows and bailing the hay and following her daddy to the end of the day. She loved being outside and getting dirty. She is still climbing tree and conquering mountains in search of her destiny. So the hay and cows in this box represent Jody Lynn.
4.The last of the daughter was a traveler, She loved packing her clothes and running away to unknown lands but most of the time you could find her just down the road cross the bridge at her favorite Aunt’s house. But still today she is still searching for roads to travel and bridges to cross looking for another

The young couple counted their blessing but God smiled once again and granted them with 5 grandchildren:
1. The first to be delivered was a little blonded hair green eye scholar. She taught everyone something about something. She had wisdom beyond her years. Even if she didn’t know she thought she did and would argue her point to the death. That she has tested to several times. But God spared her once again and so the dipoloma from LSU represents Katie Lynn.
2. Then the family was blessed with a dancer. She danced her way into our hearts and our lives. She has taught us that all that shines isn’t gold. That the true beauty of a sole is from within each of us. The ballet slipper in this box represent Ashley Lynn. Today she is dancing to another tune by sharing her life with Jeff Scott.
3. The family needed a little mixing up at this point so the family was once again blessed with a boy. Amen our prayers were answered. He was our little explorer. He fought off pirates from his playhouse and shot the dead truck. But he was protecting this family at any expense. The compass in this box represent Brian Patrick.
4. The family was still missing an important part. Someone to record the family history. So we were blessed with any author. Someone to written the untold stories and share these stories with generation to come. She has written everything from what was in her booksack, to birthday poems and even one about Santa. The book of poetry represents the famous Tiffany Renee’.
5. To end this era the family was sent a Princess. Everyone has heard the story of the million dollar princess. Well upon arriving she was off to a good start and after years of bling, bling her way to impressing the world she has spent that plus some. But to our family she is priceless. The crown in this box represents Alysha Marie.

Just when the young couple thought their where no other blessing greater then Grandchildren God sent then Great Grand children.
1. First God sent a protector to fight off evil aliens and unseen demons. With his grandmother not far behind they went off night after night search for these unknown villains. With measuring spoon in hand and collier on head off to blast them into outer space. So you guessed it the collier and spoons represent Caine Blason.
2. Then God sent us an emperor. This little man rules our hearts and our lives. He will inherited the entire kingdom. He has placed his marks on every inch on the estate. Even the cows and the chicken know his name. The keys in this box represents Mason Tyler .
3. God did bless us for a short time of the arrival of a little girl but decided that Baby Villeneuve needed a playmate so he took her back. The feathers in this box represent Raquel Deshea’. She touched our lives with an angel memory.

As you know our family is still growing and the unborn is waiting to join us so the footprints represents our future children God will be sending our way.

The glitter you see in this box represents our friends. They are with us and support us in our times of joy and sorrow. They add the additional shine to our lives.

In this box you will also find the deed to the kingdom. It represents the trial and tribulations we have all faced in order to build this unique family. Just as the wood on this box is strong the glass is fragile so we must all work together to protect each other. We are truly blessed to have such a rare family each with traits of others as well as individual traits of ourselves. These little things are what we are looking for when we are searching for the big picture of life. Counting our blessing daily because as part of this family you are truly blessed.



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