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Starting a Quinceañera Business

Planning a Quinceanera / Sweet 15 Planning


Sweet 15 is a major milestone in a girl’s life—a long-established celebration all over the world. As a time-honored tradition for girls, planning this celebration takes a great deal of planning. The attention to rich culture and tradition is important and many celebrate it differently. Adding a little extra must fit your taste and that of your family’s customs. The beginnings of Quinceañera go way back to the combining of Christianity, the Aztec religion and lifestyle when the Spanish conquered the Aztec Indians in the 1500’s. It is still popular amongst the Hispanics in Mexico, the United States, South America and in other Spanish-speaking countries.


This special celebration marks the beginning of womanhood as she “comes out” to be presented to society. Tradition places additional responsibilities on the young woman after her Quinceañera such as household duties, family needs, work, volunteerism, or even marriage. While a great deal of attention is placed on the party and the celebration, the basic belief is for the young woman to live a life of faith, good moral principles, devotion to her community and live a wholesome lifestyle. The ceremony is value and moral centered. Like the milestone markers of birth, baptism, and confirmation, the Quinceanera gives thanks to God.

Spiritual reverence is important for some families planning this event. They also have the duty to assist with the financial costs of the event along side the godparents and other special friends and family members.
Decide who will be members of your court. Fourteen couples (one for each year of your life) are chosen. Fourteen Damas (maids of honors) and fourteen chamberlanes (chamberlains) may include family members and/or close friends.  You might also consider having flower girls to scatter rose petals or to carry a basket of flowers. Visit the pages through this site for planning tips & ideas.  

When?    Customs & Traditions. The birthday girl is serenaded by a mariachi band in front of her house the night before her 15th birthday . A celebration is planned for her birth date or the Saturday closest to her birthday—Quinceañera! 


Typically, a church mass is celebrated. The dinner and dance celebration can be held at the church hall, a reception/banquet hall, or other unique possibilities.   
How? will have a touch of protocol and a touch of special creativity as discussed with your Priest or Pastor. As with most ceremonies, consider the following as ideas:
-Special Scripture or Poem reading by a designated person
-Candle Lighting Ceremony (14 candles for the Court, parents, Godparents and the Quinceañera)
-Special music
-Signing of the Certificate (Parents and Godparents can personally sign)....see above certificate
-Acknowledgement and Recognition of other "special people" 
-Special Prayer or Verse

Dance Program
After the Court is presented and then the Quinceanera, special dances are reserved as follows:
The first dance is a waltz danced with the Quinceanera and her father
The Court of Honor is presented
The Godparents join in
Lastly, the dance floor is open for guests
Males usually take turns dancing with the Quinceanera
After this presentation, the toast is given and the cake is served.  

Things to Consider
Talking with the Priest
Favorite theme color(s)
Dress color (white, pink or another color?)
Guest List
Church location
Banquet/Dance Hall
Decorative Theme
Table treats & decor
Choice of Chambelanes and Damas
Formal wear rental
Hire a Coordinator, party planner or wedding consultant
Remembrance Cards
Religious & Cultural aspects of the Quinceanera Mass is a very important part of the tradition. Be sure to reserve the church well in advance. The Quinceanera is accompanied by her parents and her godparents (padrinos). The Quinceanera is presented to the center of the altar for Mass. The service also includes the blessing of special gifts by the priest, scripture reading, music and song. It can be at this time or after the banquet, yet it is customary for the mother of the Quinceanera to place the tiara upon her daughter’s head, the father change her flat shoes to high heels and the Quinceanera gives her youngest sister (or parents) her porcelain doll. This is like the “cutting of the apron strings” where the Quinceanera becomes a young woman.







Date of Event:


Day of Week:


Location Site:


Estimated # of People:


Address of Site:


Estimated # of Invitations to order:


Contact Person:







Name of Priest or Officiant:    

Guest of HONOR:






Theme Colors:















Contact Person:



Web Site Address?




Time Frame:



Base Rental Fee:


Fee Per Hour Extra:


Extra Time:

Pre-set up allowed:



Set-up Time:


Clean-up Fee:



Security Fee:

Fee for Tables:

Sound System





Fee for Chairs:

# of Tables Needed:




# of Chairs Needed:

Fee for Table Clothes:


Alcoholic Beverages Allowed?


Electrical Outlets

Food on Site?

Other Services:




Other Requirements:





DJ contact information





























RSVP Due Date:



Final Head Count

Delivery Dates/Times:


Setup Time/Date



Rental pickup date and time:




Rental pickup date and time: 

Reserve needed hotel rooms




Arrange Rehearsal with Court




Names of Contributing Sponsors & What they will Pay for:








Quinceanera Dance Agenda Planner

Name of Quinceanera____________________________________
Reception/Dinner: ___:___ to ___:___
 ___ Dinner Music Provided
___Background  ___Classical  ___ Jazz   ___Latino  ___ Mariachi  ___Seasonal
 ___ Music Not Provided
Guests begin arriving: ___:___
Grand Introduction: ___:___
Music: Title-___________________________________ Artist-________________________
Honored Court
Damas/Females by Chambelanes/Male Escorts
1. ___________________________________ ____________________________________
2. ___________________________________ ____________________________________
3. ___________________________________ ____________________________________
4. ___________________________________ ____________________________________
5. ___________________________________ ___________________________________
6. ___________________________________ ___________________________________
7. ___________________________________ ____________________________________
8. ___________________________________ ___________________________________
9. ___________________________________ ____________________________________
10. __________________________________ ____________________________________
11. __________________________________ ____________________________________
12. __________________________________ ____________________________________
13. __________________________________ ____________________________________
14. __________________________________ ____________________________________
Godparents/Padrinos of the Quinceanera
1st (baptism godparents, please indicate if married):___________________________________
Grandparents of the Quinceanera (if any)
1st (mom’s side):______________________________________________________________
2nd (dad’s side):_______________________________________________________________
Parents: of the Quinceanera:____________________________________________________
Charmers/Lucky Charms
Females:______________________________ by Males______________________________
 The lucky charm is the one who carries the healed-shoes on the pillow to the Father who changes the shoes on the Quinceanera. The Quince changes from a little girl into a young lady. The lucky charm is usually like the little sister or another family member. Also, the Quince traditionally will carry a doll and this doll can be handed down to her lucky charm. It is just a part of the tradition but it has very special meaning to the Quince.

Changing of the Shoes
The changing of the shoes signifies a young ladies transformation from a little girl into a woman. Usually she will wear flats and then at the ceremony the Father will go and exchange her shoes to heals. Kind of like the first dance at a wedding. It will be Dad and daughter the center of attention for this exchange of shoes and then they have their first dance. As the young lady now a lady not a little girl any more.

Person presenting shoes to Quinceanera:__________________________________________
Person changing shoes:_______________________________________________________
Presentation of the Doll to:______________________________________________________
Father’s Waltz
Music: Title-___________________________________ Artist-_________________________
(Will the Quinceanera only dance with her father? If not, specify)
1. __________________________________________
2. __________________________________________
3. __________________________________________

Quinceanera’s Waltz
Music: Title-___________________________________ Artist-_________________________
Court Dance
Music: Title-___________________________________ Artist-_________________________
Dance Starts ___:___ to ___:___
First Dance Song:____________________________________
Cutting of the Cake and Toast: ___:___ Toast will be made by:________________________
Last Song: ___:___
Music: Title-___________________________________ Artist-_________________________



Ceremony Outline
1) Entrance Procession

2) First Reading

3) Second Reading

4) Dedication Ceremony - Lighting of the Candle
A) Renewal of Baptismal Vows and Profession of Faith (with lit candle, then someone holds it until the Prayer of Dedication)
B) Blessing of Gifts (all but Bible and Rosary)
C) Presenting of the Gifts
D) Blessing of the Bible and Rosary
E) Presentation of the Bible and Rosary (with monition from priest)
F) Acceptance by the Community (applause)
G) Prayer of Dedication (by the quinceaneras)
H) Expression of Gratitude by parents
I) All go to Mary's alter for dedication and to give thanks (the quinceaneras place the candles back on the alter, take the bouquet of fresh roses, and go to Mary's alter with their parents.)

5) Prayer of the Faithful

6) Offertory Procession (quinceaneras bring the Bread and Wine up to the alter)

7) Communion

8) Final Blessing and Recessional
The 1st Reading

A Reading from the Book of Jeremiah

The word of the LORD came to me thus:

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations,
I appointed you.

This means that long before you were born, God knew you as a person. Before you were born He dedicated you; He knew you would have a special misson. As a prophet to your own family and friends. He knew the influence you would have on others. He knew you would speak as a prophet when you are honest, truthful, and concerned for the World of God in the lives of others.
"Ah, LORD GOD!" I said
"I know not how to speak; I am too young"

This is true. You don't know how to speak at times so that you may be understood and apperciated. You are too young, but you have something to offer: Your love, your youth, your hope, your trust, your honesty.
But the LORD answered me.
Say not. "I am too young"
To whomever I send you, you shall go:
whatever I command you, you shall speak.

You speak from your experiences. You speak because the LORD gives you what to say. you must speak in His name. You must speak about what you believe in; what you hope for, what you love.

"Have no fear before them, because I am with you, says the LORD."

Do not be afraid, God who has given you life is and will be with you. He will be present to be your Strength, your Courage, your Hope. He will always be with you.

Then the LORD extended His hand and touched my mouth, Saying, See I place my words in your mouth!

This day I set you over nations and over kingdoms to root up and to tear down, to destroy and demolish, to build and to plant.
The Word of the Lord

2nd Reading: A Reading from Paul to the Corinthians

If I speak with the human tongues and angelic as well, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong, a clanging symbol. If I have the gift of prophecy and, with full knowledge, comprehend al mysteries, if I have faith great enough to move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give everything I have to feed the poor and hand over my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.
Love is patient; love is kind. Love is not jealous, it does not put on airs, it is not snobbish. Love is never rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not prone to anger; neither does it brood over injuries. Love does not rejoice in what is wrong but rejoices with the truth. There is no limit to love's forbearence, to its trust, it's hope, its power to endure.
This is the Word of the Lord.

The Quinceanera's Prayer of Dedication
I offer you, O Lord, my youth. Guide my steps, my actions, my thoughts. Grant me the grace to understand your new commandment to love one another, and may your grace not be wasted in me. I ask you this through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Savior and Redeemer.

Oh, Mary, my mother, present my offering and my life to the Lord: by my model of a valiant woman, my strength and my guide. You have the power to change hearts: take mine then and make me a worthy daughter of yours. Amen.
















Event Planning!


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Worksheet in General


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Baby "Naming Ceremony"
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Receptions & Dinners

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Agenda Planning & Ceremony Order
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Engagement Party
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Ground Breaking Ceremony
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Renewal of Marriage Vows
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Swearing-in Ceremonies

Wedding Anniversary  
Wedding Ceremony Outline

The Wedding Ceremony

Addressing Envelopes
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Gift Ideas!

Graduation Party
Guest Speaker Tips
Guest Speaker Worksheet
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Kid's Korner at Receptions



Music Ideas 


Newlywed Traditions & Advice!


Personal Services for Brides
People-Room-Table Size Guide
Print Shop & Paper Needs


Quinceañera Planning


Reception Styles (Weddings, Corporate, etc.)
Reception Set-Up
Rehearsal Dinner
Rental Needs


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111+ Pages from this website to save on your computer to print off when needed! 

Bonus:  101 Romantic Ideas


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Receptions & Dinners

See specific needs under Event Planner

Godparent / Baptism Sponsor Certificate


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  Quinceanera Sweet 15 Certificate Keepsake

Surprise Someone You Adore!

- Have Quince sign During the Ceremony as her commitment!

  Printable Certificate available


Certificate Manufactured on Heavy Cardstock Paper

Wording: Childhood fantasies were yesterday and Womanhood faith began today. She reaffirmed her commitment to God, her family and to her community on this special day. (name of Quince):_____ on ___________ (day of week) the ______ day of __________ (year):___ at ____________(church or location) in the City of __________ in ________ (name of State, Country or Territory)
 Quinceañera (personally signs) ______

(optional blank line for signature of priest or other signature) ____________

Personalized Quinceanera / Sweet 15 Certificate w/Hand-Lettered Calligraphy & India ink 

Step 1
Check-Out Cart
Personalized Certificate with Calligraphy: $28 
Personalized or Blank



Mail Order

Step 2

Entry Information Procedure:
Copy & Paste required certificate entries (below) into an email to or in the payment notes  Please Proof-read  and spell words out in full. NOTE: Some prefer a consistent filled-in look, yet if you plan to have the witnesses and officiate to personally sign the certificate, leave the space blank.

Name of Quinceanera
Day of Event (Saturday?)
Event Date
Church/Ceremony Site
State where Ceremony takes place
Names of Parents
Name of Godparents
Name of Officiate
Title of Officiate

Godparent Sponsor Certificate Gift




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