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Tips & Ideas on Becoming Wedding Bridal or Event Planner

Opening a Bridal Boutique and Party Planning Store!

Become an Event Party Planner Coordinator



Let's start off by taking a test.  See if these are areas that you have considered.


1. Who will be your customers?
2. What ways do you understand their needs and desires?
3. Will you be offering the kind of products or services that they will buy retail?
4. How will your prices be competitive in quality and value?
5. What kind of promotional program will you have?
6. How will your business compares with your competitors?
7. What family member(s) are supportive of my plans? Do they understand the importance of this to me?
8. If the idea is to work at home and be more accessible to my family, what regime will I implement and the number of hours worked each day?
9. How many weddings and/or events do you plan to coordinate during the first year? (2, 4, 5, 8?)
10. In what ways are you a leader?
11. How are you at self-discipline and self-motivation?
12. List the reasons why you want to own your own business.


Take a look at your geographical area and determine the following:

  • What is lacking in services or products

  • A special niche that is void

  • Helpful, personal service

  • Where one would go to obtain services and products

  • Creative and unique services available

The initial cost of starting a business can be conservative, depending on what types of services you plan to offer.  If one could first start as a home-based business, the overhead costs reduce tremendously.  Perhaps offer to meet at the client's house or other venue.  First impression is important, so professionalism is a must. 


You'll need to decide if you want to start small by offering coordinating services for receptions and dinners, corporate events, home weddings only, showers and such.  Or, if you're wanting to offer a wide range of multi-event type services, are you prepared to dive into the whole agenda?  Some might start small, gain resources, help staff and financial stability.    There are many, many areas of this hospitality field.  You may already know what is your favorite.


Look at the 'big picture' first and then (as a planner would), concentrate on the details.  Take an inventory of your personal assets and your business assets.  Take stock in the catering type items you have in your possession, people around you that would assist and your ability to personalize any type of event for any client.  If you're reading this, your sub-conscience has already told you that you are ready for change AND action!


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January 14, 2017