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Starting an Event & Party

Planner Planning Coordinator Business!


Starting a unique Event Planner Planning Business Company

Start-up Kit Guide for Starting Parties, Equipment Rentals, Family Events, Receptions, Dinners, Anniversary Celebrations, Birthday Party, Retirement, Corporate events business and much more!




Your family and friends know that you're the planner and organizer amongst them all.


You see the whole picture and probably use post-it-notes and planner lists, right?



How many times have you heard people say, "you're so talented, you should start a  event planner planning business!"?  


Organize Your Events and Party Business

Learn how to start or open an event and party planner business company service from home or small business location.


This business start-up guide assists those in learning how to write a business plan (or roadmap), deciding what to charge for your services and how to become an event planner. 


Everyone knows how to do something special. We've all acquired certain skills in our lives, and it might be the path to a new career opportunity.


It is a lot of fun doing something that you truly like. It brings more joy into your life when you have something positive to look forward to.

So, perhaps you have always had a desire to start a home-based event and party planner business and become an independent entrepreneur.  Today may be the day to start!


Going into events planning business for ourselves takes effort and is by no means a way to make money the easy way--no such thing.  Yet, many with natural talents and abilities are working from home or starting a small planner business. This will take hard work and commitment on your part, so you need to study your options and make a party/event business start-up plan.   It may be easy to organize a major event, yet sometimes, it’s the "technical" aspects" and lack of thorough planning that blocks us into a corner!   Success is not by accident.



Choose your Target: 

  • Children

  • Parties

  • Receptions & Dinners

  • Anniversary Celebrations

  • Graduation

  • Home Catering

  • Open House & Ribbon Cutting for Organizations

  • Meetings, Workshops & Seminars

  • Home Celebrations-Baptism, Adoption, Wedding Blessing

  • Endless Possibilities!


Is "Now" the Right Time?
If you're reading this information, it probably is time to get started.  Use the start-up kit below to help motivate your working business plan and explore your direction.  


 You Can Do this!

You may be aiming for the big arena.......full-time entrepreneurship event planning business!


Part-time can be a "stepping stone" to full-time. A great number of self-employed professionals did not quit their day job until they felt secure enough to go out on their own.   


But, you'll love the freedom so much that you will set goals to "quit your day job"!    


Qualify Yourself as an Event Planner!

Take this home-study course & receive a Certificate of Completion





The Strategy of a becoming an Event Planner
 A working plan that you specifically design explores your market and your party and event planning business structure. Many people skip this step, yet if you haven't surveyed all your options, you may miss out!  We like to plan and organize social events, yet the first thing to organize is your business operations.  This is all a part of becoming an event and party planner.


For example, do you limit it to only receptions? Only showers and parties? Will you branch out to all-occasion events? You may only want to target one service area, yet branching out into other avenues (i.e. sales) may assist in producing additional revenue for you.



  • Does your targeted market call for a specialized coordinator of at-home baptism?

  • Do you set up a small store front?

  • Do you go into partnership with a friend or family member--or go solo?

  • How do your set up your business records?



These are a few things I have on a very long list to consider when developing your working plan. Your "hobby turned business" must turn a profit or why do this? Thinking like a "business-minded" person, channels your goal - making money with your talents.


How do you stand out amongst the rest?  Fill the gap!
Every town has a need and the trick is to find what is needed and be the best. Find your place in this growing market. The idea is to find the niche in the market for your area that has a gap.


You might consider online sales.  Your favorite part will be to find out how much money you made while sleeping.


With any job, you must look around at your ‘current living situation’ and ask yourself what lifestyle would you prefer?  

You have to get out of your "comfort zone" and try this!

Perhaps you are ready for a diversion or positive change from your current position! Maybe you feel trapped---and need a way out.  If you like to create magic, help others in a "positive environment". You can share in the experience of a customer celebrating those "precious moments" and happy, family events!



.....more people are turning homeward to make a living so they have something to fall back on!



 As for education, most do not have degrees or certification...just experience, the talent and the willingness to be an entrepreneur. It's up to you as to how you might use a degree or certification, yet word of mouth and building your reputation is key to a successful venture. Basic knowledge of the industry is needed and the willingness to learn more has to be present.



From planning events for years and still do, I feel that our start-up kit on becoming an event planner will assist you and offer guidance and information that you might not have considered.



Utilize your wonderful skills and talents!









How to Plan Your Business
Steps to Starting an event and party planner planning business:

Part I: Business Planning & Analysis
Product and Service Determination
Marketing & Promotion
Office Set-up
Market Analysis
Competition level
Management operations
Worksheets fill-in-the-blanks analysis
Wholesale Contacts..... included only with purchase of Kit 2, 3 or 4
Contract Elements
Business Analysis
Resource Breakdown
Service & Product Ideas
Part II: Elements of a business plan

How to Plan Events
Part III: Plan & Organize Events

ll-Occasion Event Planner Worksheets---Tips & Tools of the Trade
Addressing Invitation Envelopes
Baby Showers
Bridal Shower Planner
Budgeting Percentage Guide  
Buffet Menu
Business Events & Socials 
Calligraphy Planning
Calligraphy Service idea for Addressing Envelopes
Carnival Ideas
Company Picnic (or in-house dinner) 
Committee Work
Corporate Events & Socials Customs & Traditions
Engagement Party
Event Coordinator Tools
Event Evaluation
Event Time-Line Planning Schedule
Favors for events
Festivals & Carnivals
Flowers & their Meaning
Fund Raising Activity Ideas
Funeral Etiquette & Service Planning

Gifts to bring to the home of the Hostess
Graduation Party
Guest Speaker Tips
Guest Speaker Worksheet
Guest Registry Table
Rehearsal Dinner
Kid's Korner at Receptions
Menu Planning
Music Ideas 
Newlywed Advice
Personal Services for Brides
People-Room-Table Size Guide
Print Shop & Paper Needs
Reception Styles (Corporate, family, etc.)

Rental Needs
Seal. Unseal? Reseal!...envelopes
Seating Styles
Staff Requirements for Dinners
Seminars & Conferences 
Seminar Equipment
Stuffing Envelopes for invitation envelopes
Table Size considerations at Receptions/Banquet
Tea Party Ideas
Theme Ideas
Time-Line Planning Schedule
Trade Show & Booth
Unsealing Envelopes
Planning a Silent Auction
Children's Theme Parties

How to Structure Events
Part III: Ceremony Agenda Planning

Baby Naming
Family Dedication Day Ceremony
Candidate's Forum agenda
Civil Union Ceremony / Commitment Ceremonies
Graduation Party
Ground Breaking Ceremony
Open House
Renewal of Marriage Vows
Retirement Celebration
Swearing-in Ceremonies

Part IV: General Ideas on Event Types
Baby Showers
Baby "Naming Ceremony" Name Giving Ceremonies
Baptism Ceremony (private home)
Bridal Showers
Business Events & Socials 
Carnival Ideas & Festivals for Schools and non-profits
Civil Unions and Commitment Ceremonies
Fund Raising for non-profits
Funerals and estate planning
Graduation Party
Receptions & Dinners for rehearsal to private dinners
Seminars & Conference planning
Tea Party Victorian style or for children
Ceremony Ideas

Tip:  Use a Notebook Binder to Organize these Files in Sections for Easy Reference; structure the client proposal worksheets as it applies to your business; and, have client proposal packets ready to go!

BONUS 1:  101 Romantic Ideas
BONUS 2:  Having an Online Retail Store Compliment Your Planning Business! ($19.95 value)
BONUS 3: Powerpoint Presentation: Marketing Your Services
BONUS 4: Serving Food & Hors d'oeuvres for 100!

Children's Wedding Activity Book - print off pages! 



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Level Up Your Life

 All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.

Start something remarkable.

~ Bobak




This kit includes lots of planner forms, checklist &

ideas for different types of Events & Parties!



NOTE:  Files are Emailed to you in Microsoft WORD format so You can modify the forms & worksheets to fit your needs & business; unlike a book or PDF formats, these digital files allow you to revise!





  Do Something You Enjoy!



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Receive a Certificate of Completion once you complete the self-study requirements section! Specific requirements are listed in kit with a sheet explaining what is to be evaluated.  

Materials worksheets and e-book  is a Self-Paced Home Study Course with Planning Worksheets & Materials.



Kit 2:  Full Service Event Planner Business 
 the Complete Coordinator's Kit for Diversification & Business Expansion! 

600 Pages of Materials



Have the 'business aspects' under control?

Just need the planning worksheet & checklist tools?

Order the Worksheets




This is a Self-paced, Home Study Certification Course

these are mostly Microsoft Office Word files












Events & Party Planner Business Kit: 


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