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Your hands are those of a healer. Becoming a massage therapist and starting a massage therapy business takes work.  Someone once said, "if you can imagine it, you can make it happen."  


You have a special gift

To make it happen, you need information and a strategy.....a Business Plan.  Make this a job that fits around your lifestyle  instead of your life having to play second best to the job you’re in! As with any business, a BUSINESS PLAN is needed  so that you can enjoy a prosperous gain from your skills.

Becoming a massage therapist can be an appealing opportunity for you.
Benefits of a home-based business might offer you a diversion or change from the present position you are in.


Perhaps it is the freedom of being in charge, doing things your way and not being tied down.

Success enables you to save money on the side and gives you more freedom of time to spend with your family or care for your children at home.

  The demand is a growing industry. People of all ages and socio-economic classes enjoy the services of a massage therapist. As a therapist, you could work at home (or with an established place of business).
As a massage therapist, you have the flexibility to offer your services by appointments scheduled around your lifestyle. Your potential earning power could be up to $40 and $75 per hour.

With this specialized skill you give of yourself and help others reduce stress, gain relief from pain and help others relax and enjoy life. As a trained and licensed massage therapist, your opportunities might include offering services in your home, providing services in the homes of your clients or contracting with large corporations and businesses already established.  You might even work as a partner with a psychologist, a chiropractor, at a battered women's shelter or rape crisis center or offer services to those in high-stress level jobs.

    Blueprint toward Success
   The handbook of checklists, forms and worksheets are for those seeking how to best launch their massage therapy business--a Business Plan approach. Its an assessment of your abilities, resources and your expectations in running a business. It also takes you to the level of sitting down to draft out a formal business plan that includes the necessary elements.
 It also includes information on hosting an open house or other social promotionals. The elements needed in writing a business plan will help you think "profit" and provides you with a road map.



I've learned that 'the answers are not far away and sometimes right before you.  You can obtain oodles of information, modifiable forms, business templates and gain knowledge needed for a reasonable cost. Some people pay hundreds of dollars, yet apply your monies toward product and getting your business started

...the main goal is:
to run it more like a business and less like a hobby

With this focus, you (as any other business minded person) will need to analyze your business prospects and draft a viable business plan that will keep you in business! Obtaining the necessary training and licensure requirements by your State is the right direction. Forming a business with this training is what keeps you focused towards success.

    The business information that you may be searching for right now should compliment the ideas you probably already have about the types of services you want to offer. You may even be planning to start a business in partnership with a friend or family member who offers a compatible service or trade.


......more people are turning homeward to make a living



A business plan is important when determining the management and marketing strategies of your business. A market analysis is also important. The elements needed in a business plan are needed for any business type that you are considering.
If you are currently working for someone else, you may want to build your plan for future initiation or start part-time. On the other hand, if you're seeking a venture to start on now, you have a lot to set up. Either way, a project of this nature requires hard work and commitment on your part so you need to study your options first and make a business plan.
Use the start-up kit below to help motivate you in getting your working business plan and explore your direction.  

The business start-up plan section is formatted as self-directed home study, to be completed at your own pace. PLUS! The information is formatted for digital convenience in Microsoft Word or RTF for Mac users. This means that the format is printable and modifiable unlike some programs (and books) that use PDF formats that are NOT modifiable for your needs. 






We will email the worksheets &  materials, so be sure I have your correct Email address...thanks, Valerie

so You can modify forms & worksheets as needed; unlike a book or PDF formats



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Massage Therapy Biz Start-up Kit



The package includes charting methodology using SOAPE and includes tips for charting. This is a vital need for those who want to offer services for insurance carriers. For insurance claim purposes, client records and other progress needs, insurance companies will require that you maintain a professional record keeping system.



Setting goals & Building Elements for a Massage Therapy Business Plan
Equipment and supply List
Marketing Your Business
How to hold an open house & Plan social events with theme ideas
Payment Processing and Money Management
Charting Methodology formatting
Sample Biz Plan

EXTRA BONUS: Having an Online Web Presence
 Compliment Your Business to acquire Customers & build your credibility!  ($19.95 value)


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December 1, 2014

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