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Get Acquainted with Your Future or Start Now! 




Become a Professional Fundraiser
Consultant / Coordinator Planner


 Starting a Fundraising Consultant Business for Non-Profits - Sports Groups - Special Interest Clubs - Political Candidates - Charity Campaigns

Start-up Kit Guide



How do you stand out in the persuasive arena?


The idea is to find the niche in the market for your area that has a gap. If a Fundraiser Consultant is already present, maybe you can combine your service with planning and coordinating services.





Take a field inventory of the groups and organizations that have to raise funds in order to survive. Based on the nature of their focus, can you see the types of events and campaigns you might need to offer. You can also be an educator and host special workshops in the community about fundraising and capital campaigns! This will put your name and face out there, build your reputation and encourage more clients!


...the main goal is:    to run it more like a business and less like a hobby

As a natural planning and organizer, you enjoy making SUCCESS HAPPEN! Raising funds for charity organizations and non-profit agencies gives you deep satisfaction knowing that you are helping a worthy cause, interest and foundation for the community. 

Having a business on your own and perhaps even working from the home offers a lifestyle of independence, flexibility and diversion. Your current job may not offer this, yet being on your own can release you from a work that confines you. This may, of course, offer you a 'comfort zone' that you are use to, yet doing something that you truly enjoy doing makes up the difference.


Persuasive Asking Brings in DOLLAR$
Professional Coordinator of Fundraising Events



Have the know-how already and a contact base that makes you viable for this type of work is the first step in going independent. You probably have always been creative in your efforts to help others raise funds and you enjoy event planning and campaign management!

As for education, most do not have degrees or certification. They have prior experience, a long list of contacts, knowledge of the community and creative ideas.


 Having the talent and the willingness to be an entrepreneur is your motive for starting a business. It's up to you as to how you might use a degree, additional education or certification, yet word of mouth and building your reputation is key to a successful venture. If you know how to raise money for groups, you will be sought out!




Target Area?

  • Dinners & Parties

  • Political Campaigns

  • Marketing Research

  • Business Events

  • Auctions

  • Capital Campaigns

  • Consultation

  • Promotions

  • event Masquerade Balls

  • .....ENDLESS!




Multi-Service Fundraiser Coordinator

  • Fundraising Business Plan

  • General Event Planning Worksheets

  • Fundraising Event Ideas

  • Agenda Planner

  • Silent Auction Rules

  • Sample Business Plan

  • Political Campaigns

  • Fundraising Dinners & Receptions

  • Serving 100

  • Business Socials and Fundraising Events

  • Dinners, Parties, Reception Planning

  • Decorating Your Event

  • Charity Events

  • Committee Work

  • Promoting your Business Services Online

  • Seminar & Workshop Fundraiser Planner

  • Sample PR Campaign Proposal

  • Sample Business Plan Outline

330 Pages


Is "Now" the Right Time?
If you're reading this information, it's probably time to get started laying out the groundwork!  Use the start-up kit below to help motivate your working business plan and explore your direction.  


Utilize your wonderful skills and talents!



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  1. Microsoft WORD format (or RTF if requested by Macintosh users) allows you to revise & modify to your needs (unlike a book or PDF formats)

  2. Certificate of Completion provided once you have submitted your business plan via email

  3. A self-paced analysis and study

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Valerie, Jazz (and Lucy)

Enjoy these materials!  Coordinating events and doing the things you love is so important!




Get Acquainted with Your Future or Start Now! 



330 Pages in this Kit


Multi-Service Fundraiser Coordinator


We All Need a Little Guidance!

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