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Event Evaluation

After the event, have members of the committee fill in the below form as a survey of how the next event can be improved.  A thorough analysis

can help in the pre-planning phase and provide detailed clues on how to organize better.

Be sure to use the Worksheet List to plan other aspects of your Event!

  Worksheet List

Most Common Needs for Many Events

Addressing Envelopes
Event Evaluation
Flowers & their Meaning


Reception Set-Up
Rental Needs

Theme Ideas





Prepared by/Committee Members:




Comments  and/or Improvements

The targeted audience was reached



The Number of participants was reached



Goals achieved



Emergencies and last minutes items handled professionally



Stayed within Budget



Profit in income/sponsorship was gained



No items were missing from the budget



Chair or manager handled all aspects (emergencies, negotiations, delegation, contracts, personalities)



Committee members completed assignments



Committee members stayed within budget



Chairperson/manager communicated regularly with members



Sufficient number of facilitators, runners, & helpers



Committee met regularly or had sufficient number meetings



Site location well suited for the event



Favorable comments received about location



Parking was adequate



Amenities were adequate



Hospitality was adequate (tables, chairs, food, space, on-site personnel, etc.)



Entertainer, Keynote, etc. was appropriate and well received



Entertainer/Keynote within budget



Equipment was adequate



Presentation of the food/service was adequate




Sufficient food, snacks, beverages, refreshments for guests



Service was personable



Sufficient lead time for publicity, marketing, registration, advertising, notices, etc.



Sufficient number of mailings with/minimum return



Good follow-through



Registration went smoothly & organized



Registration had adequate staffing







Final comments on Budget, Overall Event Management, Committee Work, Entertainment, Food/Service, Publicity & Marketing and Registration:


Survey from Committee/Members conducted:____




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Committee Work


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