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 Starting a Pet Dog Party Planning Business


How to Start Starting a Dog Party Planner Planning Business Company; Becoming a Dog Pet Party Coordinator

Start-up Kit Guide




...the main goal is:   to run it more like a business and less like a hobby



Don't you just LOVE the smile on a Happy Dog?

Dogs can be social just as humans are, so why not be able to offer them a birthday party?! Dogs love to play, to feel special and be given loving attention. They know when they are the center of attention!

The 'fun people' who own dogs love to spoil and provide for their canine children. For the more "serious human parents," you can always add an educational component during the celebration. Either way, people would love a service like this so they don't have to figure out how to do it or have to clean up the mess.

With canine events, you can get very creative, create a fantasy world and develop themes.



Dogs are People Too!


To keep things running smoothly, your business prospect must have a working business plan--just as wedding coordinators have and social event planners. It may be the time to move this idea from being a "hobby" to a "real business."  

It is a lot of fun doing something that you truly like and it brings more joy into your life when you have something positive to look forward to.....especially if you like to work with animals!


Your start-up requires preparation, hard work and commitment on your part. The 'business end' must be tended to first. Once you have designed your business plan, you can move forward to designing your first doggie celebration!  Remember, it takes effort and isn't always easy.  Your reputation must be built.

You must decide at what pace to run your business--part-time, full-time or in stages. What services do you offer and what specific canine events do you coordinate? Like any business, every town has a need and the trick is to find what is needed and be the best in your geographical area.

Find your place in this growing market. The idea is to find the niche in the market for your area that has a gap. In the kit, we'll explore other ways to incorporate responsible dog ownership and education. Possibly other services or products. This just might be that 'special service' needed to make your business grow!



Is "Now" the Right Time?
If you're reading this information, it's probably time to get started laying out the groundwork!  Use the start-up kit below to help motivate you.....design your working business plan and explore your direction.  



Target Group:


 Once canine parents see and hear about your wonderful talents, you will be booked up!

  • Doggie Birthday Party

  • Puppy Coming Out Party (introduction to friends & family for socialization)

  • Dog Shower for new pups!

  • Doggie Wedding Ceremony

  • Championship Celebration

  • New Puppy in Home

  • Graduation from Puppy School Party (obedience, canine good citizen, star puppy, etc.)

  • and more ideas!




Part I: Business Planning & Analysis
Product and Service Determination
Marketing & Promotion
Office Set-up
Market Analysis
Competition level
Management operations
Worksheets fill-in-the-blanks analysis
Business Analysis
Resource Breakdown
Service & Product Ideas
Part II: Draft of Business Plan
Sample Business Plan Proposal
(20 pages with charts)
Elements of a business plan
Part IV: Checklists & Forms
Theme ideas
General Event Planning Worksheets
Education for the Human Participants
Games & Goodies

Dog Training School Graduation

Special Bonus
 Having an Online Retail Store Compliment Your Planning Business! ($19.95 value)




118 Pages in this Kit


If you have questions about the packages, please email me at valerietillery@gmail.com 

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  2. Certificate of Completion provided once you have submitted your business plan via email

  3. A self-paced analysis and study

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 the Complete Coordinator's Kit for Diversification & Business Expansion! Includes Wedding Planning Kit.
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Enjoy these materials!  Coordinating events and doing the things you love is so important! 









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