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The Certificate Store!

Reproduced from the 1800's & Turn-of-the 19th Century vintage Certificates & Collections

Heirloom, Replacement  Keepsake Certificates
Victorian Reproduction Certificates that can be purchased personalized and filled in or blank!
Keepsake Reproduction Certificates from old, originals of the 1800's & early 1900's
 a Great Record-Keeping System!

Largest online Selection of heavy cardstock Certificate!

Wedding-Marriage Certificates



The Best Gift!

About the Certificates:  These keepsakes have a "vintage look" compared to some of the paper license and documents that the County or church provides. Reproduced from the 1800's & Turn-of-the 19th Century Certificates & Collections, some are charmed by time as evidenced by cracks, chips and slight discoloration. It is with great effort that these treasures are still being reproduced, as many manufacturers have deceased. Regarding the marriage certificates, in the 1800s & early 1900s, these certificates were used as the actual marriage license and certificate. Perhaps you have your great-grandparents' original! Start your own tradition. The Novelty Marriage Certificate is a perfect heirloom in remembrance of your wedding.   We hope these certificates captivate your heart!

My name is Valerie and I personalize the certificate with your personal information in matt finished India Ink for long-lasting preservation, using a Copperplate Script hand-lettering style.  These are thick-thin strokes. I have a bunch of old, old originals anywhere from 1875 to 1914 and the lettering varies on these, however, what is special about these is how unique they are in their authenticity (as they were the official document)--marriage, birth, confirmation, baptism. The special touch of Hand-Lettering remains reminiscent of days past--no machine lettering here.

I like doing hand lettering on these 'new' heirlooms as I feel it makes them more authentic and "not" computer generated. I use India Ink and this gives a texture to the can run your fingers across the letters and feel a slight raised effect. Your reproduction certificate will become a treasure to pass on to the next generation.

Some of the “old” certificates had a place for the photo of the bride and groom and even had a photo slot for the photo of the minister as a way of verifying the bonds of matrimony! The paper may be different, yet the special touch of hand-lettering remains reminiscent of days past. Order yours today!


History of Ephemera & Museum of Old, Original Certificates




Certificates--Personalized with Hand-lettered Calligraphy
Certificates Manufactured on Heavy Cardstock Paper
Most certificates are printed on a heavy card stock and some
are protected with a coating to enrich the colors


House Blessing



Wedding Marriage Certificates


Wedding Blessing

Ceremony Certificate

  Renewal of Marriage Wedding Vows Certificate
Anniversary Certificate   Commitment, Civil Union & Hand Fasting Certificate

Same Sex Wedding Certificate


Baby Birth Certificate


Baby Blessing Dedication Certificate

Baby Naming Certificate


1st Holy Communion Certificate

Christening Keepsake Certificate  

Baptism Certificate


Baby's 1st Christmas 


Confirmation Certificate


Quinceanera Certificate


Ordination Certificate

  Fire Department Recognition Retirement Certificate   Empty Carriage Remembrance--Lost Child Birth Certificate--Neonatal Death

1st Haircut


School or Church Promotion


1st Day of School Certificate


Godparent Certificate

Tooth Fairy Keepsake Certificate


Blank Prints


Family Tree Record Wall Print


8x10 Quince certificate

Order Early!
Orders hand-prepared w/Lettering-Allow time to mat & frame at your local frame shop

Display at Your Reception!






Certificates--Printable Keepsake Certificates

 Download in PDF Format
....for You to Print

Certificates are 8x10 or 8.5x11 in PDF format to be printed from your own computer printer source and paper. 

Be sure to do a "print preview" and make adjustments where necessary in print properties, portrait/landscape, etc. 

No refund on digital materials where electronic settings rely on equipment; do let me know if PDF fails:

To See possible Wording & Layout, see individual Hand-Lettered display from the Certificate's Page, is available.  Each

Download is $10-no shipping or processing fee and download is emailed to your email address for your own personal use. 

I would suggest an acid-free paper, parchment or heavy cardstock for preservation.  These antique reproduction prints are

copyrighted, so No re-sale of these prints will be tolerated if found on a website for resale.


Yellow Roses & Vase

Download for Personal Use: $10


  Ruth & Boaz Wedding Certificate

Download for Personal Use: $10


  Yellow Rose Bulbs Wedding Certificate

Download for Personal Use: $10  


Wedding Blessing Ceremony Certificate

Download for Personal Use: 



  Wedding Anniversary 

Download for Personal Use:  $10


  Commitment to Life as Partners

Download for Personal Use: $10 



Greatest Gift Birth Certificate

Download for Personal Use: $10 

  8x10 Godparent Certificate Keepsake

Download for Personal Use: $10

Hand-Lettered 11x17

  Child/Baby Dedication Keepsake Certificate

Download for Personal Use: $10



Ordination/Minister of __ Certificate 

Download for Personal Use: $10 



  Quinceanera Keepsake Certificate 

Download for Personal Use: $10  


  House Blessing Certificate Gift 

Download for Personal Use: $10 



    Surprise Someone You Adore!

Empty Carriage for Lost Baby/Stillborn Birth Remembrance 

Download for Personal Use: $10 











Have it Ready to Display at the Guest Registry Table!

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