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Starting a Home-Based Bookkeeping Service Business


Your Goal?
You Are a Detailed Person.....You love working with numbers, ledgers, bookkeeping computer programs and balance sheets. You are loyal, honest and detail-oriented. You have the right talents and training and have the desire to make money for yourself in the comfort of your own home or small establishment.

Independent bookkeepers charge anywhere from $25 per hour to $60. Some require a flat monthly fee basis depending on the level of services they offer. So, who are your customers?

...the main goal is:   to run it more like a business and less like a free service

Some small businesses can not afford a full-time bookkeeper and the independent bookkeeper fits the bill in most cases, especially with advances in at home financial software. The small gift shop is too busy handling customers, inventory and the newest product line. The shop owner looks for a bookkeeper and drops off receipts and cash register tapes to record the information in the proper columns. Or, perhaps the accountant outsources bookkeeping tasks to those independent, home-based owners accepting more clients.

Attention to detail comes through when the pieces all come together. It is a lot of fun doing something that you truly like and it brings more joy into your life when you have something positive to look forward to. So, why not start-up a home-based bookkeeping service?!

A project of this nature requires hard work and commitment on your part, so you need to study your options and make a business plan that assists you in operating at a profit. It may be easy to perform record-keeping tasks for others, yet as a prospective business owner, we need to look at the variables in setting up a business for profit.

Going into business for ourselves takes effort and is not an instant money maker.  Yet, many with natural talents and abilities are working from home or starting a small business and I am offering a business plan starter-up kit that provides guidance in this direction.

Perhaps you have always had a desire to become a home-based business entrepreneur. You work well with others and perhaps make the boss look pretty good at tax time. Maybe its time to do something for "YOU" and initiate the idea!

You might want to start off small if you are currently working full-time. Take a "test run", so to speak, on a part-time basis.

Every town has a wide range of small businesses, one-owner stores and even small townships that need a bookkeeper.

The idea is to find the niche in the market for your area that has a gap.




As for education, most do not have degrees...just years of experience, special course work, community college classes, the talent and the willingness to be an entrepreneur. It's up to you as to how you might use a degree/certification or not (if one is had), yet word of mouth and building your honest reputation is key to a successful venture. Basic knowledge of the industry is needed and the willingness to learn more.

Answer this:
If your life continues in the same direction it is now...
Will you honestly be where you really want to be one year from today?
Will you honestly be any closer to your financial goal?
Will you have reality toward your dreams?
You can go ahead and punch the time clock,
and keep putting in those long hours at work.
Or, you can start a plan of action that builds your reputation and builds your business.
Do this for YOU and visualize what you will be doing one year from today!


Is "Now" the Right Time?
If you're reading this information, it's probably time to get started laying out the groundwork!  Use the start-up kit below to help motivate your working business plan and explore your direction.  


Utilize your wonderful skills and talents!






Part I: Business Planning & Analysis
Product and Service Determination
Marketing & Promotion
Office Set-up
Market Analysis
Competition level
Management operations check list
Worksheets fill-in-the-blanks analysis
Referrals and prospects
Outsourcing Elements
Business Analysis
Resource Breakdown
Service & Product Ideas

Part II: Draft of Business Plan
Sample Business Plan Proposal Elements of a business plan

EXTRA BONUS:  Having an Online Web Presence
 Compliment Your Business to acquire Customers & build your credibility!  ($19.95 value)  



NOTE: There are several business start-up programs on-line, yet this package is for those desiring to initiate the stages of setting up their business and who already has some talents and skills in the field of bookkeeping. This analytical process guides your strategy, marketing and business tactic.


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  2. Certificate of Completion provided once you have submitted your business plan via email

  3. A self-paced analysis and study


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Get Acquainted with Your Future or Start Now!



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Vicki Hatfield, independent bookkeeper & author 

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