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Balkum & Others
Balkum, Cothran, Whittenberg, Tillery, Tate

Levi David Balkum and Tennie Cothran Balkum Family of Texas
Levi David Balkum is the family Patriarch. He was a family leader. Levi David some times called L.D. Balkum migrated from Alabama to Texas as a young man. After the untimely death of their Mother, Angie Boyd Balkum, Levi David Balkum brought his siblings to Texas. They came with a group of relatives that lived in their same area of Alabama. The people came from Northern Alabama an Launderdale County, Alabama to join other relatives that had already made their way to Texas. The siblings that came with Levi David were his older sister Emily Mae Balkum about age 23; and younger brothers Robert Balkum age 13 and Mack Hubert age 10. After arriving in Texas Levi David married Tennie Cothran on 12/23/1883, in Freestone County, Texas. This family are the founders of the present day Balkum family line in Texas.

"Maw Balkum" Story

This is the companion picture to the one of L. D. & Tennie Balkum. The children are Lee age 5, Baby Fannie Mae, and elder brother Edmond age 6. The picture was taken in about 1893.

Lee and Myrtle Catherine Balkum with baby Inez
Levi David (L. D.) Balkum is the patriarch of the present day Balkum family line. Descendants of Levi David Balkum and his wife Tennessee (Tennie) Bell Cothran Balkum trace ancestors from Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, to Texas. This family line fought with the Confederate States Army at the time of the Civil War.

Although the family name has been handed down as "Balkum" it was written and spelled several different ways. These names are noted: Baukum, or Bankum, or Baukman, or Balkan, or Balkener, or Balkham, or Baldwin, or Baldin, or Balcombe. In the Gaelic "Bal" means a round body or any thing up; "combe" means a valley thus a round valley. from "last Name Meanings" at Last-Names.net

Inez, Eddie and Rachel Balkum--Children of Lee Balkum

Helen Loleta Balkum Aclin

Johnnie Lea Whittenberg T. Tate



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